Group insurance plans

Transparent and generous group insurance plans at an affordable price

Corporate profile

Major Group is an expert-counsel firm in benefits management, offering its services to businesses, employee unions as well as student unions across the nation.

Everyone wins with Major Group

Our primary objective is to make healthcare coverage and profitable pension plans accessible to all employers, no matter the size of the group.

A sure value

Offering a complete range of benefits in your organization can be an important incentive for potential new employees, or keeping your current employees.

High-end tailor-made solutions

What makes us different?

For Major Group, being efficient starts with being flexible. Our tailor-made solutions, individual to your specific needs and business, allow you to stay competitive in the job market. Through the years, Major Group has been able to answer the needs of groups and businesses in which the size, values and needs all varied greatly.

We have therefore seized the importance of respecting and working with the institutional particularities of all of our clients. An extensive analysis of YOUR needs is the first step of the process, and will stay the focal point throughout.

Customer satisfaction above all else

People with heart

Our main preoccupation is your satisfaction. For us, it is essential that all of your participating members be fully satisfied with their experience with Major Group. This is why we are constantly looking for ways to improve our service and prices.

Passion for Innovation

Major Group is a leading innovator

Passion for Innovation

Major Group is a leading innovator

Within the boundaries of the strict rules that regulate the financial sector, Major Group does not hesitate to go off the beaten path and suggest new ways for its clients to improve the returns on a plan, optimize its tax-efficiency and reduce the costs.

Mission and values

A matter of choice

For us, it is important that our clients understand the full picture of the data in their plan, to ensure they are fully aware of the challenges they may face and their ability to quickly modify their choices.

Rigour and transparency

At Major Group, we try to improve and enhance the practices in benefits management, in particular by being rigorous and transparent throughout all of our business processes.


In order to keep our objectivity, our credibility, and the trust you have in us, Major Group never concludes any exclusivity agreements with insurers. We are proud of our free agent status.

Security, a priority

We have put in place strict protocols regarding the treatment, conservation and transfer of confidential data and we review these constantly to remain proactive. All our employees go through a very strict hiring process including criminal surveys at the provincial, national and international levels. Our servers are secure, our website has an SSL certification, and our data is scanned and encrypted. Furthermore, we conduct audits of our technology security to ensure the integrity and protection of our systems.

Our technology makes your life easier

  • Download forms
  • Submit a claim
  • Receive your claim statements online
  • Look up your claim history
  • Verify your coverage status