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Our Single Point of Contact Solution handles all your needs and saves you time and money.

Our expertise at your service

Group Insurance

Major Group is an expert counsel firm that can help guide you with plan designs, underwriting, financial reserve creation, and the development of specific products tailored to your needs. We also manage special risk insurance, such as long term travel insurance, safe repatriation, health insurance for pets and much more. Major Group quickly and efficiently administers every aspect of your plan, from billing to processing claims.

Single Point of Contact

In a traditional group insurance structure, a broker acts as an intermediary between the insurer and the insured, while claims from plan members are administered by the insurer.

At Major Group, we offer a turnkey solution. Our team will administer your plan, process your claims and payments, regardless of the insurer. We are your only point of contact for all questions and follow ups pertaining to your plan. We therefore remain accountable for the service we commit to provide and are able to deliver this service promptly and efficiently.

Furthermore, our model eliminates the hassles related to you changing carriers in the future. Also, your members will always use the same App, forms, customer service, plan management tools, etc.

Multi-Insurer model translates to savings

Major Group does not grant exclusivity to any single insurer. We select those which best correspond to your needs and offer the most advantageous rates for your benefits plan. This always translates into substantial annual savings.

With the Major Solution, you will put an end to the time consuming and expensive process required to find the most suitable carrier for your needs at the best price. We do this work for you!


We offer the ability, through our flexible options, to transfer unused benefits to another service or to your pension plan.

Technology at your service

At Major Group, we enjoy making things easy for you. Our tools are leading edge, convenient and user friendly. Our claims processing platform enables us to serve clients more quickly and more efficiently.

With Major Group, there are multiple ways to submit your claims:

  • Directly through the health provider – Use the pay direct card on your mobile
  • Email – Take a picture of your invoice or scan it
  • Mobile app or web portal
  • Mail
  • Fax
You have options

Different financial structures are available for the management of your plan, depending on the level of control you are seeking and the risk you are prepared to assume. In addition to traditional fully-insured plans, Major Group can also accommodate Administrative Services Only (ASO) (or "self-funded") plans thanks to our claims processing system.

Retirement plans

With new legislation forcing Quebec employers to create Voluntary Retirement Savings Plans (VRSPs) and those in Ontario (ORPP), it is imperative to implement in your organization a capitalization plan that will both respect legislation and your human resources strategy.

An expert from Major Group can help you launch or manage the following Retirement Plans:

  1. Defined Benefit Plan
  2. Defined Contribution Plan
    1. Collective Registered Retirement Savings Plan (RRSP)
    2. Deferred Profit-Sharing Plan (DPSP)
    3. Defined Contribution Registered Pension Plan (RPP)
    4. Simplified Pension Plan (SPP)


Major Group has developed its own models for plan pricing, solvency and risk management. Our systems let us follow real-time trends and inflation, as well as reserves needed to properly finance your plan. A thorough follow-up of your claims experience is at the heart of Major Group’s efficient plan management.

Investment strategies

- Asset and liability matching
- Investment policies

Our investment advisors are among the best portfolio managers and wealth managers in Canada.


Major Group works with direct and traditional reinsurance models, stop loss insurance and financial reinsurance.


Traditional, variable, immediate, deferred